Time to Destroy America.

The following was my comment on someone else’s comment who said “Yes the left is trying to destroy America.”
If you ever wondered how I feel about the state of this country…this is how I feel.

Let’s all “Destroy America” by trying to help the poor and make sure people are treated equally… If you want the rich to get richer, the poor to get poorer and a country full of racism, class-ism and sexism….then YES…I want to destroy “THAT America”.

Americanflags    The America that you envision, <name withheld>, is a filthy loathsome place full of hate and segregation and oppression. Your America, <name withheld>, NEEDS to be destroyed, and rebuilt in a more loving and compassionate and equal way. We need to help our neighbors…not bomb the shit out of them. We need to feed and clothe the poor, not slowing let them rot in a system that constantly makes their struggle worse. I don’t give a shit about who is “left” and who is “right”. I only care about what is right and what is wrong.

What Trump is doing is wrong. More bombs and military spend is wrong. Cutting education spending is wrong. Making health care worse and harder to get is WRONG. WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THIS COUNTRY IS WRONG…and if you don’t see that…then you need to clean the filth out of your eyes and take a good hard look at those in the slums and the ghettos and the impoverished areas of our country…go to those places and see how people are FORCED to live due to discrimination, poor health care, lowered wages, non-existent retirement.

Get off of your high horse and help your fellow man out of the mud that you are CONTINUALLY helping to create by supporting corporations instead of humans.

If you don’t think that we need to help those who are less fortunate or those who are discriminated against due to sex, color, race, religion, sexual preference, physical disability or any other unfair handicap…then REMOVE ME FROM YOUR FRIEND’S LIST RIGHT NOW. I have tried my best to be accepting of other peoples differences, but if you’d rather drop a bomb than feed the poor…then fuck you, I don’t need you in my life. I am totally serious


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