Meeting in the Oval Office

    Thursday, May 11th, President Trump met with two Russian ambassadors, which wouldn’t be THAT big of a deal if he didn’t do it THE VERY DAY after firing the head of the FBI for investigating ties between his presidential campaign and the Russian government. Also, he met with them IN THE OVAL OFFICE. Not a public meeting room, the Oval Office. Our President then, in his infinite wisdom, banned all American News media from covering any of this event in the office, but curiously allowed Russian media to cover it.

Alexander Shcherbak/TASS, via Getty Images

    This act clearly shows that Donald Trump trusts the Russian Media over any American News outlet. This whole this is so crazy…if feels like he is trying to be the fastest impeached President in history.


This begs the question…why? Why would he want to do this? Is he just crazy or is there another motive? Is this all a ply to try and get Mike Pence into the Presidential seat? What would that mean for our country? VP Pence is staying pretty far away from the President’s blunders. Could Pence, as President, pardon Trump of any laws that he might have broken or is breaking right now by attempting to cover up any ties with Russian diplomats?

The one thing I DO know, is that these are worrisome times. I don’t have the answers. I’m just a dad in a smallish town trying to stay afloat and have a positive relationship with my wife and daughter, but it scares me. It scares me every day.

Every day something new and amazingly scary happens in this country and many people are not only NOT Outraged, some are either ignoring or defending the ludicrous behavior of our national government and the people that “supposed” to be representing us. Some days it’s more than I can take.

Time to hide under the covers until the next bomb drops…maybe the next one with incite a revolution…or the next…or the next…

I just hope we can stand up against this tyranny together before it takes away all the we hold dear.


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