We need Robin Hood…

While recently talking about the new Trump Budget plan someone commented…

I hear all of this outrage about meals on wheels (and) food stamps being cut. I am willing to bet that a large number of those people complaining have never given a crap about any of those organizations until they found that they could attack Trump over it.

Source: Wikipedia Commons

The people that are outraged ARE the ones being attacked. The people that are being targeted by these budget cuts are primarily the poor and the elderly, but let’s not leave out the giant cuts being made to education spending and environmental protection. So what this person is insinuating is that the middle class shouldn’t be upset about these cuts because they might not be directly affected by them. This does not make any sense to me. The compassion to help those less fortunate than yourself is the entire reason to have social programs in the first place. If there was no desire to help those in need then we would just euthanize the poor and use their corpses as fertilizer.

For a society to work there will inevitably be a separation in classes [see definition below]. The lowest class usually does the more menial labor jobs…tasks that don’t require much or any education. The middle class is made up of skilled workers. People that have either achieved a higher education through specialized schooling (ie: college or trade) or have worked their way up through the ranks in the lower class jobs. Finally, the last tier is the upper class. These positions are for highly skilled people that have had many years of higher education and usually also hold positions of power like administrators or politicians. There are other ways to get to the higher class as well, similar to the middle. People can work their way up or they can be discovered to have a gift or invention that appeals to the masses.

So, now that we have a societal organization clean in our minds. What you are asking is why the middle class should care about and/or pay for social programs that benefit the lower class. Why should we care about those who don’t have the benefit of our education? Why should we care about those who can’t afford to have the bare minimum when it comes to food and health care? Why? I can’t speak for everyone, but for me…I’M NOT A GOD DAMNED MONSTER. That’s why.

Source: U.S. Navy photo by Regena Kowitz/Released

These social programs help feed those who might not have enough money to survive otherwise. They help to give families a way to keep from getting diseases that would cripple or kill them. These programs help people find positive ways to raise their children so that they are better educated than the previous generation. So YES, I would rather my tax dollars go to helping the lower class than having it go into a billionaire’s off-shore savings account. I would rather my money be spent improving the lives of people in my own community than creating weapons to murder someone else’s. I want my taxes to help a child have a healthy meal, knowing they’re not going to get Polio and have a great day at school learning the basics of what it will take to ACTUALLY make this country, not great again, but BETTER than it has ever been.

Realistically, the only thing that would immediately “solve” this economic crisis is the redistribution of wealth in this country. Basically taking from the rich and giving to the poor.

Side note: when Robin Hood does this in books, movies and cartoons people cheer for him, but when people try to do this in real life, they are blocked at every turn. Can you not see that you are cheering for the Sheriff of Nottingham to win?

Artist Unknown

So there is no real way to do this redistribution quickly without some crazy “Fight Club” level credit destruction scenario where all electronic funds and debts are erased…and I am not saying that is a good idea. The truth is that the statement “one-tenth of 1% owns as much wealth as bottom 90%” is true [Source: Politifact]. So how did this happen? I agree that this is not Trump’s doing. He is not responsible for making the laws that have allowed this inequality to happen. However, he is trying to pass laws and budget plans that would make it much, much worse.

Trump and his cabinet are working to cut funding for special education programs that help inner city youth get a better education and have better access to healthy food sources for their meals while at school.

Trump is attempting to cut funding for social programs like “Meals on Wheels”, Medicaid, “Food Stamps” and other programs specifically designed to help the elderly and the poor.

Finally, President Trump is attempting to pass laws the make it easier to do manufacturing and mining without having to take its long term effect on the environment into consideration. This one thing can potentially harm our ability to survive on this planet. I do not think that we could, realistically, destroy our planet in four years without really trying, but we can cause irreparable damage to our ecosystem in that amount of time.

So there are ways that we can alleviate the pressure on the national debt without getting rid of life saving programs, but it would take the Top 1% of Americans lending a hand to do it.

…and yes, I know that some of the richest people, like Bill Gates [1], Warren Buffett [3] and Mark Zuckerberg [4] all either do a lot for or give a lot of money to charities. It’s not enough for the minority of the richest to help…everyone needs to chip in to even the vast ocean of difference of wealth and health between societal classes.

Definition of society

1:  companionship or association with one’s fellows :  friendly or intimate intercourse :  company

2:  a voluntary association of individuals for common ends; especially :  an organized group working together or periodically meeting because of common interests, beliefs, or profession

3a :  an enduring and cooperating social group whose members have developed organized patterns of relationships through interaction with one another

3b :  a community, nation, or broad grouping of people having common traditions, institutions, and collective activities and interests

4a :  a part of a community that is a unit distinguishable by particular aims or standards of living or conduct :  a social circle or a group of social circles having a clearly marked identity literary society

4b :  a part of the community that sets itself apart as a leisure class and that regards itself as the arbiter of fashion and manners

Source: Merriam-Webster.com


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