Is this proof

This is an older post from January 12th, 2017…but I believe this story still holds weight to show what kind of human, that Donald Trump really is.

Part 1


There are many people who do not believe that President-Elect Trump was mocking a disabled person. There are several videos out there trying to dispel that as rumor, and this really hurts and worries me. If you’d like to know why, my long list of reasons and references are listed below.

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We need Robin Hood…

While recently talking about the new Trump Budget plan someone commented…

I hear all of this outrage about meals on wheels (and) food stamps being cut. I am willing to bet that a large number of those people complaining have never given a crap about any of those organizations until they found that they could attack Trump over it.

Source: Wikipedia Commons

The people that are outraged ARE the ones being attacked. The people that are being targeted by these budget cuts are primarily the poor and the elderly, but let’s not leave out the giant cuts being made to education spending and environmental protection. So what this person is insinuating is that the middle class shouldn’t be upset about these cuts because they might not be directly affected by them. This does not make any sense to me. The compassion to help those less fortunate than yourself is the entire reason to have social programs in the first place. If there was no desire to help those in need then we would just euthanize the poor and use their corpses as fertilizer.

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Why the bigotry?

This in response to a meme picture that stated “Doesn’t the B in LGBT imply that there are only two genders?”

doesnt-the-b-in-lgbt-imply-that-there-are-only-19974112“L”= Lesbian – A female that is attracted to other females
“G”= Gay – A male that is attracted to other males
“B”= Bi¹ – A female or male that is attracted to both females and males
“T”= Transgender² – A female or male that feels they were born the wrong gender. They can be attracted to either their original or chosen gender.

So technically,³ there aren’t even two full genders, some people are born with ambiguous genders or born with both sets of genitalia, these people self identify as Intersex.

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