Is this proof

This is an older post from January 12th, 2017…but I believe this story still holds weight to show what kind of human, that Donald Trump really is.

Part 1


There are many people who do not believe that President-Elect Trump was mocking a disabled person. There are several videos out there trying to dispel that as rumor, and this really hurts and worries me. If you’d like to know why, my long list of reasons and references are listed below.

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Trump to propose budget cutting $1.7 TRILLION from Medicaid, food stamps and more…

Photo Credit: Associated Press

For those of you who voted for Trump…he lied to you. Straight to your face. He lied about everything. Are you going to sit on your butt and let him continue to fulfill his fake promises by giving you worse health care and taking $1.7 TRILLION from medicaid and other assistance to the poor? Are you going to sit idly by and let him continue to give giant tax break to himself and his rich friends while making the poor people of this country even poorer?

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Meeting in the Oval Office

    Thursday, May 11th, President Trump met with two Russian ambassadors, which wouldn’t be THAT big of a deal if he didn’t do it THE VERY DAY after firing the head of the FBI for investigating ties between his presidential campaign and the Russian government. Also, he met with them IN THE OVAL OFFICE. Not a public meeting room, the Oval Office. Our President then, in his infinite wisdom, banned all American News media from covering any of this event in the office, but curiously allowed Russian media to cover it.

Alexander Shcherbak/TASS, via Getty Images

    This act clearly shows that Donald Trump trusts the Russian Media over any American News outlet. This whole this is so crazy…if feels like he is trying to be the fastest impeached President in history.


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